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Vermont State Government Worker Basics
Seems that sometimes, Vermont State government workers forget to mention certain basics in our public communications. I am not saying the workers don't know the basics. Unfortunately, however, we do not all always keep these basics front and center where they belong. I don't think you will find a state worker who disagrees with any of these basics.
September 28, 2010
By Dan Allen

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Vermont state government workers owe Vermonters:

  • Efficiency
  • Responsiveness
  • Professionalism
  • Best workforce possible
  • Respect
  • Proof of the value we provide matched to costs borne by taxpayers
  • Complete, accurate answers to questions

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"If the spirit of liberty should vanish in other parts of the union and support of our institutions should languish, it could all be replenished from the generous store held by the people of this brave little state of Vermont." - Calvin Coolidge, President of the United States

2012 Election
Answer to President Obama

President Obama's people sent email asking what it would take to inspire me to contribute to his campaign. Here is my answer: call my brother, Sam, and do what he says about health care.
By Dan Allen

Budget Stalemate
Why 'Taxes' is a Dirty Word

Conservatives are still reading President Bush's lips.
By Christian Science Monitor

Truth Matters
The research found that actually we often base our opinions on our beliefs ... and rather than facts driving beliefs, our beliefs can dictate the facts we chose to accept.
By Bill Moyers

Budget Address

"I am committed to making the painful choices today that will help ensure that we are not back here next year making drastic cuts."
By Peter Shumlin, Governor of Vermont

Vermont Government Workers
2011 Kicks Off Loudly

Governor Peter Shumlin plans to fund the existing state work force, while simultaneously filling only half the positions that become vacant through retirement, voluntary furloughs, and a hiring freeze.
By Dan Allen

Rights for Dummies
Foodstamps and Soda Pop

beautiful bountiful bulgar wheat
Government-mandated meals of bulgar and kale for people on long term welfare is humane, if you ask me. We might as well start thinking about new standards, while our economy rewinds to the conditions of the 1800s.
By Dan Allen

New Regina Riddle
Rove, Shumlin, Appointees

By Righteous Regina the Republican

It's All About Money

Guy with a lot of money
From 1980 to 2005, more than four-fifths of the total increase in American incomes went to the richest 1 percent. Real incomes for the majority of Americans have stagnated or declined while work hours and insecurity have increased, along with debt. Wealth has accumulated, but in very few pockets, leading to inequality not seen in more than 100 years.
By Dan Allen

Election Night
RRRtR Emerges on Election Night!

CHANGE is what we need and it needs to be a Conservative edge to it.
By Righteous Regina the Republican

Trickle Down Economics
By Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan Triumph
These United States are confronted with an economic affliction of great proportions. It distorts our economic decisions, penalizes thrift, and crushes the struggling young and the fixed-income elderly alike.
By Ronald Reagan and Dan Allen

Net Neutrality Dying
Big Media Pushing Others Off the Internet

Little sites like this one will still be on the internet, the way USENET and TELNET are on the internet: where normal people will never find them. Democratization of public communications is at its pinnacle now, and looking downhill into the future.
By DemocracyNow

Message to Vermont Taxpayers
State Employees

Vermont Seal
Thanks to Vermont taxpayers, state workers have a better deal than Asian sweatshop workers. How long will this last?
By Dan Allen

Asian Sweatshops
Slaves Keep Prices Down for Americans

sweatshop anguish on worker's face
Hourly wages below a dollar. Firings with no notice. Indifferent bosses. Labor brokers that leech away months of a worker's hard-earned wages. Americans justify the system.
By Jonathan Adams and Kathleen E. McLaughlin, GlobalPost

Vermont Proposals
What kind of state can we make?
By Dan Allen

US War Criminals

vtdigger logo
War criminals
GW Bush's admission in his memoirs, that he authorized water boarding, puts a burden of international law on the United States government to prosecute.
By Dan Allen

Balancing the Budget
Fix Democracy to Fix the Deficit

Use worldwide instant communications to take Democracy to a fantastically effective, fair, intelligent form, not feasible when we started self government.
By Dan Allen

American Collapse
Democracy Dead

The economy is in the hands of corporate swindlers and speculators.
By Chris Hedges

Wall Street
How Brokers Steal a Penny per Trade

vtdigger logo
Traders using high frequency trading programs collect a quarter of a penny rebate for every transaction they make. They're not interested in making a gains from a trade, just collecting the rebate, 4 times per stock purchase.
By Dan Allen, adapted from Graham Summers

USA vs. Taliban
Just Back from Taliban

The Taliban are gaining in popularity, gaining in strength. The leadership of the Taliban acknowledged the targeted killing campaign of senior Taliban leadership has been successful, but they say that it's producing new generations of increasingly radical leaders.
By Jeremy Scahill and Rick Rowley, Interviewed by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzelez of DemocracyNow.org

President Obama
Owned by Banks and Military Industrial Complex

Pentagon owned by Wall Street
Dwight Eisenhower's warning about the Military Industrial Complex has gone unheeded. As a result, the President lacks the power to create the change promised in the 2008 campaign.
By Dan Allen

Native Vermonters
Native is Relative

We're all African, so in a way, none of us are native to Vermont.
By Dan Allen

Email Search

Funny how Google web search is so awesome, but searching Gmail is not so easy.
By Dan Allen

Warm Light

orange foliage leaves Vermont
Blessings in your direction.
By Dan Allen

Recovery Story
Giving Up Alcohol

"You have an eroded soul." When I heard that, I did not know what my sponsor meant.
By Anonymous

Everyday Heros
Montpelier Health Center

The administration crew at Montpelier Health Center is finer than a Swiss watch, more powerful than 8 men working together.
By Dan Allen

Nobody Else Does It

vtdigger logo
Josh Larkin and Anne Galloway set the standard for Vermont's in-depth print reporting, provided you see the internet as print.
By Dan Allen

How Honest Is Vermont?

Message board discussion from 2007, informal look at Vermont corruption compared with other states. Low development may mean low corruption.
By city-data.com

My VSEA Activism

By Dan Allen

Goldman Sachs College Scam

Goldman Sachs Social Club
Goldman Sachs Social Club, New York City
Goldman Sachs is the majority owner of a group of for profit colleges, tying our youth into debt for over-priced education.
By Mother Jones

Bernie's Contest

500 words or less that explains your ideas for fair and responsible ways to approach these challenges.
By Dan Allen

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